Another Day, Another Meet by hbdaly

Another Day, Another Meet

Due to extensive crapola weather this Spring, the boys' track schedule has been a bit of a fluid thing... They had their last meet today - a makeup one from lord knows when... Two meets in two days, with actual warm temperatures didn't do a lot for anyone's race times I think. At least not my two hurdlers here. I'm pretty sure the boy in the middle beat them both handily. Ah well, a good season nonetheless. :-)
I'm here nearby in Paxton experiencing the "most interesting" weather patterns! I overheard one person refer to last night's storm clouds as "Apocalypse!" and then we had a lovely day today...with only a couple showers! Nice to see your darling boys decked out in "Lunenburg" shirts and showing capabilities I can't even dream of! There you have it!
June 2nd, 2017  
@Weezilou How wonderful Louise! How long are you around? Are you on your way up to the 'proper' Lunenburg? ;) I'm glad to hear you were around for our weekly allotment of 7-17 hours of sunshine (complete with thunder and lightning..) We need to plan a Worcester meet up sometime when you are visiting. I would love to compare Lunenburgs in person sometime (although I can already tell you - yours will win...) ;) FYI - I couldn't hurdle to save my life either - with or without my tongue sticking out...
June 2nd, 2017  
Holly, I'm delighted you'd enjoy getting together! We leave on the 4th this time and will be in Lunenburg ("proper" or not!) that night. We have to return to CA for some dr visits for me in Aug/sept, so when we come back up, we plan to stay through late December and will come here again for Christmas week. As Heather works in retail near Boston, I've seen that we'll have full days when she's away and we're free for a meet-up! It would be a delight! About time, wouldn't you say?!
June 2nd, 2017  
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