Red Sox Ingenuity by hbdaly

Red Sox Ingenuity

(See what I did there?... Probably not - Mike plays for the Red Sox but you can't actually see his uniform here. You'll just have to trust my clever title...) ;)

Coming back from Mike's game tonight, I asked the boys if they could water the garden for me. Apparently the hose sprung a huge leak while Cash was trying to water and it kept spraying him right in the face no matter which way he tried to run. And even though it was VERY funny to watch, Mike took it upon himself to kink the leaking part so Cash could finish up in (relative) dryness. Somewhere along the line, it occured to Mike that he could water with the leaking part at the same time Cash was using the nozzle so they were able to water two plants at once. I was pretty impressed by their quick thinking and teamwork. Of course, this picture is probably the exact moment when it occured to them both that they could now easily spray each other - with the same hose at the same time!.... ;-)
Boys! And doesn't the good idea go bad with hardly a moment's notice?!
June 3rd, 2017  
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