They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace by helenhall

They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace

I need to put to rest some of the challenges that I'm carrying around in my head week after week without addressing them. It is silly, I know, because of all the things, this is not one that should be causing me anxiety. But I hate not completing tasks that I have started.

Several weeks ago the 52 week challenge was song, and the Portraits of me challenge was Fairy-tale. Both of these have drawn blanks despite occupying my head for this long.

Well yesterday I was in London, and whilst passing through Hyde Park I paused to look at Buckingham Palace. I don't think I have been there (apart from one rather forgettable new year's eve ) since Dad took us all to see the sights of London when we were young and everything seemed utterly magical.

I couldn't help but recite AA Milne's poem, "They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace. Christopher Robin went down with Alice, …." And now I can't get it out of my head. I also became very concerned about how these soldiers manage to see a thing under those ridiculous hats.

Anyway, what you have here is not the changing of the guards, barely a selfie (although Alice did start off as a shadow version of me) and hardly a fairy tale. It is pretty much fairy tale stuff though, don't you think? And the poem became very popular as a song when I was a child. We had it on a Children's Favourites Nursery Rhymes record.

So this is here, just so that I can move on.
Its a bit back to front and quite delightful. Instead of real persons looking at a book illustration, its the other way round!
November 4th, 2018  
Very clever. I am singing along now.
November 5th, 2018  
hope that exorcised it for you once and for all! lol
November 5th, 2018  
:-) Christopher Robin went down with Alice! :-)
November 5th, 2018  
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