home sweet home  Take 1 by helenhall

home sweet home Take 1

I didn't really feel like getting the spoons and oil out again but thought I would have a go at another kind of flow. My challenge this week again was: 'to take a shot of something floating/moving such as water, powder, honey, milk or glitter.'

The plan was to find something in the kitchen that might might flow and actually give it a purpose for flowing, a story so to speak.

So today I have been practicing with icing sugar and trying to make it look like snow falling on the little cake decoration house.

The top two were taken on my phone as practice shots, to see if the idea was going to work. By the time I got round to trying with the camera, I needed the artificial light and I found it a lot more difficult than anticipated.

1) lighting - always lighting! I tried my in camera flash and discovered immediately why I always have it switched off.
2) set up - the foreground needs something more to distract from the surface
3) flow - I used a small tea strainer. I should really have used a much bigger seive so it was snowing everywhere and not just on a small part of the roof.
4) processing - as you can see, I wasn't atall sure how best to process this.

I have had a bit of a distracted work day today so really need to knuckle down tomorrow. If I get another chance, I will try and make improvements to my little snow scene.
sweet idea, the last one has the best angle and light, try it with a tungsten white balance or blue filter in post processing to cool it off
January 20th, 2021  
@kali66 thanks. just tried a blue filter - definitely improves it.
January 20th, 2021  
Lovely collage. I think I like the black and white one best
January 20th, 2021  
January 21st, 2021  
Love your idea. I hope you had fun, that looks messy! I like the POV in the right bottom shot the best. But do like the fallen "snow" on picture top left the best. Great collage with a telling story. good luck tomorrow!!!
January 21st, 2021  
oh what fun
January 21st, 2021  
This is awesome!! I like the end result.
January 21st, 2021  
Nicely done
January 21st, 2021  
Very creative - I like your bottom 2 best. Well done!
January 21st, 2021  
Sweet collage.
January 21st, 2021  
Very clever set up and execution- more work than I would put into it, so I am really impressed! I like them all.
January 21st, 2021  
Oh, this is so great, I love how creatively you are interpreting this challenge!
January 23rd, 2021  
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