Secret den by helenhall

Secret den

As I stepped aside to let some fellow walkers by at an appropriate social distance, I found myself at the entrance to a newly built riverside residence - complete with garden wall and gate.

Someone has had fun making a den from the branches fallen during recent winds.

This, for February words - reusable.
A fort! Lovely find.
February 21st, 2021  
very nice
February 22nd, 2021  
I remember making dens in the woods when I was a child.
February 22nd, 2021  
Nature is the best playground for kids.
February 22nd, 2021  
Well spotted
February 22nd, 2021  
Ooo, how intriguing! I find myself wondering if you crawled inside. I'd have been tempted to do so! Perfect for reusable...your creativity in depicting the February words is such a treat and so inspiring.
February 22nd, 2021  
A great find. We'll spotted.
February 22nd, 2021  
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