Bread by helstor


A bit of food photography again today :-)

My sourdough starter is 2 years old now and it makes better bread than ever. Usually I bake sourdough bread in a dutch oven, but today I wanted to make a sourdough sandwich bread so I baked it in a normal bread pan. We just had some for lunch and it was delicious. Very "mellow" for a sourdough bread but lots of flavour.
beautifully presented - that looks delicious
March 25th, 2019  
Fabulous shot, makes me crave some now. How wonderful to have a baker at home.
March 25th, 2019  
Nice...excellent still life. fav
March 25th, 2019  
nice still life!
March 25th, 2019  
A lovely still life. I'm going to google "sour dough starter" - I had no idea there was such a thing. :)
March 25th, 2019  
Great Still
March 26th, 2019  
Great still life
April 14th, 2019  
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