Pretty and Green by henrir

Pretty and Green

We have had so much rain this Spring that everything is really pretty and green. Just popping in to say hello to everyone.
So glad to see you here after such a long time. I hope you are okay, Henri.
June 23rd, 2019  
Wording on mirror made me look for a T. Rex!! So lovely to see you
June 23rd, 2019  
HENRI!!! it's so good to hear from you. i have missed you so. hope all's well now.♡♡♡
June 23rd, 2019  
So glad you popped in once again!! this is lovely with all that green!
June 23rd, 2019  
Hi Henri! So glad to see this. Yes it’s crazy green here right now too.
June 24th, 2019  
When its green all looks better, and Hello in return Henri :)
June 24th, 2019  
hello! nice to see you again
June 24th, 2019  
How wonderful to see you again Henri, you were missed! Wishing and hoping that you are doing well and that we will be seeing more of you :-)
June 24th, 2019  
Hello again Henri, good to see you popping in again. Hope you are okay.
June 24th, 2019  
Hi ! Henry - hope you are well and nice to see you here again !
June 24th, 2019  
Nicely captured. Nice to see you again, Henri, hope you feel better now
June 24th, 2019  
Well yet another on of your wonderful high speed images Henri so nice to hear from you:)
June 24th, 2019  
Cool shot, Henri. It's nice of you to stop in and I hope everything is well with you.
June 25th, 2019  
Miss you, Henri!!!
June 26th, 2019  
Very nice shot
July 6th, 2019  
That does NOT look like Texas in July....what amazing color!
July 24th, 2019  
Hi Henri! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better and that the oxygen has given you some mobility. I know exactly how that feels. I had knee surgery on July 22 and that has changed my life dramatically for the better. I'm walking now and can finally go out on photo walks again- it's great. I still have a ways to go with physical therapy but I'm driving and can clean the house without having to sit every 5 minutes. I'll be praying for continued improvement for you! Nice to see everything so green.
August 31st, 2019  
hello there, henri. i hope you are well. i have really missed you. please let me know how you're doing, my friend. ♥♥♥
September 19th, 2019  
@summerfield Thank you for thinking of me. It's been a long process, but hopefully I am on the mend. I appreciate being missed. I miss 365 too.
September 22nd, 2019  
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