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I did a year of 365 ending in March of 2012. Through 365 I learned so much and made friends I still cherish. Since the project finished I lost the discipline to keep practicing, trying new things, and learning. All that and I truly miss my camera.

I struggle with shaky hands and confidence. My strengths are always being willing to learn and stubbornness. I'm willing to make lots of mistakes if I'm learning. My weak area is photographing people. People are scary to me. Besides that they're always moving, changing emotions and expressions, and I never know how they'll respond to the camera.

I'm glad to receive critiques. I see constructive criticism as a way to learn from other’s perspectives.

I live in the United States (Indiana), and I’ve enjoyed connecting with people around the world through 365. If you’d like to connect through Facebook, look me up http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=56202518

Here's to 2015!!