A Banner, Lubitel, and Holga walk into a bar... by hmgphotos

A Banner, Lubitel, and Holga walk into a bar...

...and the conversation degrades into the Holga scoffing "Oh goodness, you guys are loaded with CHEAP Chinese film? What amateurs! I only get Velvia and Tri-X ran through me!" Then Lubitel replies with how he is an iconic Soviet era camera, and that Holga will never measure up, even with her Tri-X inside. Banner just whimpers and goes "I'm a knockoff with knockoff film that's never even been used" and starts crying.

I'm avoiding homework, can you tell? :D

Taken with a Motorola Droid 1, Vignette for Android
LOL!! Love it
February 6th, 2011  
Arts was first created by fingers...in caves ;-)
February 6th, 2011  
Oh that's funny.
February 6th, 2011  
EXCELLENT!! Nuff said.
February 8th, 2011  
Fun and funny!!
February 8th, 2011  
film is still in, despite what they say.. love my holga too, though it's a pain to change films with the DIY 35mm spool fix. :D
February 17th, 2011  
Love it xD
March 11th, 2011  
What a lovely camera collection you have!!! (slightly envious... he he)
May 2nd, 2011  
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