All part of God's plan by homeschoolmom

All part of God's plan

As a Christian, I believe in Creation, that God created the earth, animals and people in 6 days less than 10,000 years ago. God created the seasons, so the earth heats and cools in cycles to regulate the earth. He created this perfect system, and we messed it up by not following the rules (started with Adam and Eve), which let bad things in. But, I also believe that God has a plan to make it all perfect again someday.
You found such a beautiful leaf. Your photo is fabulous in this light!
September 29th, 2021  
such a pretty Autumn leaf. Hard to imagine all of creation happened by accident.
September 29th, 2021  
Lovely shot and pretty details.
September 29th, 2021  
September 29th, 2021  
The leaf is beautiful and when you think of it, a miracle.
September 30th, 2021  
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