Experimental Ogre by humphreyhippo

Experimental Ogre

In the absence of anywhere to go and anything new to shoot, I'm just going to keep posting my practice sculpts if they're even vaguely passable - apologies. ;)

This is - I guess - a 'speed sculpt' - essentially just seeing how far I get in a couple of hours of watching a hockey game. He was sculpted and painted in Nomad sculpt, with the hair added via particle systems in Blender during "why is Outlook broken again???" downtime at work... ;)

I don't know why I try do hair. It always goes wrong in a buggy, unpredictable way (cf. eyebrows).
I’m liking the hair - especially the ears and in the absence of barbershops let’s face it that’s going to become a ‘thing’.
February 4th, 2021  
ha, I like the that there is either a sore of a mole on the chin. I recognize that lower lip--my husband's when he is acting overly sad!
February 4th, 2021  
I like him. Fun to see you made hair grow from his ears ;-)
February 4th, 2021  
Very amusing!
February 5th, 2021  
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