From Render to Reality by humphreyhippo

From Render to Reality

So, the cacti came. ;)
He's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. :)

There were three of them in the box, so might have to print a couple more. Be rude not to.

Original Render
:) it made me smile :)
February 26th, 2021  
Ha lovely. Of course we have no idea if this is real or not.... But anyway it is very cute.
February 26th, 2021  
@fueast This one is 100% real. :)
February 26th, 2021  
Lovely cactus. I never know what's real and what isn't either
February 27th, 2021  
That is just sooooo fun!
February 27th, 2021  
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