EXIF Fail by humphreyhippo


Wasted the whole day trying to get EXIF into renders.
Got Blender writing it out into the PNG export file, but Lightroom and Photoshop won't read it.
Even Jeffrey Friedl's “Run Any Command” Lightroom Export Plugin won't add it back in on export.
Total waste of time.

Late night edit: Might have something working. Yay!
Love the random chess piece... but no clue what you are talking about
March 20th, 2021  
@northy I'm trying to get it so a Blender - via Python & ExifTool - writes out the Blender version, focal length and render engine to the EXIF so it will show up on photo sites as the camera and lens. It's only taken the entire 12 Hours of Sebring race to get something vaguely working...
March 21st, 2021  
@humphreyhippo well - admittedly I get what you’re trying to do... just no understanding of what you are doing to make it so 🙃...
March 21st, 2021  
@northy Apparently neither do I. ;)
March 21st, 2021  
@northy I’m glad it’s not just me 😀. I do know that I like to find a purple hippo when I’m perusing a photo though!
March 21st, 2021  
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