Rocket 2D Unity Test

A short video of the other half test flying my rocket in Unity.
It's the beginnings of a new Unity project - this time a 2D one and without any tutorial to follow. The rocket was made in Photoshop. I drew the flames in Procreate. The asteroids are a few low poly objects from Blender to give him something to fly around & show the movement.

The other half had to record this for me. I can't control the thing at all! ;)
You guys have so much fun!
May 7th, 2021  
@northy I’m trying to remake a game he played waaaaaaay back in the day on his Acorn (!) called Thrust. Fortunately there is video on YouTube because his description was terrible. ;)

Seems attainable in a “each bit will take me ages to figure out” kind of way. ;)
May 7th, 2021  
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