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Melissa (means honeybee) Semi-retired - in Rehabilitation and counselling (PTSD)

Was a nurse, Farmer, Goat keeper, amateur entomologist & ornithologist and amateur photographer from Townsville, Queensland.

I did a short stint on 365 in 2011, and was both addicted and overwhelmed, but had to give it away after getting a full time job. I got my first DSLR camera in 2016 and after taking at least one photo a day, decided to rejoin the 365 project. It is great fun, and often challenging.

October 2017: Have just made one full year! Year Two beginning.

August 2018: Fell down a mountain with camera in hand attempting to find platypus after following the Tasmanians directions. I had 15 fractures and had to crawl 5 kilometres to get help. Then treated like crap in Tasmanian hospitals where they nearly killed me 6 times and i nearly killed myself four times........

2019; I've lost a year: so was offline August 2018-most of 2019 almost a year. Just learning to walk again and pick up a camera again.

It never ceases to surprise me the beauty and diversity of nature. I prefer Macro, Wildlife and Nature photography to photographing people.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I appreciate and value all of your comments.

Those pics that made it to the popular page can be seen here:

Happy Snapping !!