Hide the pumpkin by huvesaker

Hide the pumpkin

There is anadvert on the TV at the moment about a meat stew with butternut squash in it.... one of the actors suddenly speaks English and says "You can hide the pumpkin".... makes me giggle...I suppose you had to be there, anyway...I made the stew this evening. very nice as well, has some saffron in it and tastes very Christmassy. The family enjoed it. WIth the leftovers I took the "pumpkin" out and whizzed to make a soup. So now we have meat stew and soup..all ready for the freezer so there are some meals to defrost and heat up for those lazy rushing days.

Thought of the day:

Keep safe and look after yourself, make sure you eat properly and rest.
Looks very tempting. My gang turned their noses up at the left over pumpkin flesh, so I took it home for soup for myself 😏
November 11th, 2019  
That looks delicious and has most of my husband’s favorite foods in it.
November 11th, 2019  
Looks wonderful but I guess it's true about the pumkin!
November 11th, 2019  
November 11th, 2019  
Yummo, I absolutely love pumpkin in all forms. We eats heaps of it.
November 12th, 2019  
That looks very tasty
November 13th, 2019  
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