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Today was the last day of term for my two..they are off now until the 7th January...the same as me! After their ceromony, Mr. boo had to go back to work, The Tomato went to work at the local Car mechanics and Little Hoo went to town to lunch with her friends...there I stood, all Then I was invited to go for a coffee with a couple of I went. So from 11.15 until 14.00 we sat in a cafe . The time just whooshed on by...really nice.

HAHA funny story...I love kale...and when I took Little Hoo to the shop to get some lettuce for the piggies, I saw a 3kg bag of kale...hahaha it came home with me...YUMMY!

Now off to try and find a gluten free bread making book a tip from a friend!

Thought of the day:
Don't always say no...say yes and have some fun!
I'm afraid I'm not a fan of kale... had to be forced as a child to eat my greens! But I'm a healthy adult now - and the cook - so can choose what to buy to eat! A good day for you!
December 19th, 2019  
Glad the term's over? Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas.
December 19th, 2019  
very pretty
December 19th, 2019  
Pretty! I like how you close you got!
December 19th, 2019  
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