nearly flutters by huvesaker

nearly flutters

Today I had to go to work earlier...I was the PE teacher...was a bit mean, made them all run up and down a hill...mwah hahahahahaha

Went for a walk and set up an outside quiz, we call it a Tipspromenad and for this one there are 12 questiond and three answers to choose from...shall take all the children out tomorrow afternoon and they can have a go at answering the questions...mixed up the order of the last three so hope they put the right answer for the right number!

Spent about 4 hours outside with the school children today...not the warmest of days but hey ho, it wasn't raining...hahaha

When I came home it looked my lawns had been taking steriods...such long grass, so out for another couple of hours cutting the grass. Looks nice now, will probably have to do it again on the weekend...haha

At the bottom of the garden we leave the nettles to ..well... nettle...and there are loads of caterpillers there now which munch on the nettles to then turn into beautiful flutterbys...can't wait!

Moved the guinea pigs almighty palace so they had fresh grass to eat, told the daughter she has to clean them out tomorrow.

Just the plants in the orangry to water now and that is me finished for the evening. Will be at work an hour early tomorrow as have organised an art lesson with a difference...shall let you know how that goes tomorrow!

Thought of the day:

Save a patch in your garden for the woldlife...they need a home too!
Lovely to see all those caterpillars....not so keen to see them on the cabbages but on the nettles that OK! Mowing the lawn is a sure fire way to make your garden look good!
May 27th, 2020  
I agree with Pat.....on nettles they are okay.....though I'm not too fond of creepy things. My friend tried making nettle soup recently and said it was lovely.
I'm very curious about the flexibility of your school timetable and curriculum!!!
May 27th, 2020  
wow, I had never seen so many the schools are closed they will open now in September
May 27th, 2020  
Fabulous capture! I have never seen black caterpillars before today.
May 27th, 2020  
Oh yuck, they look like what we call saw-fly eggs. Sounds like you gave the kids one heck of a workout. Our schools would have a fit at the very idea, but kids are bubble-wrapped these days, unlike my childhood.
May 28th, 2020  
Oh, so many caterpillars!
May 28th, 2020  
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