busy..again! by huvesaker


WOW, what a day..so warm! The first thing this morning...an art lesson with a difference...we wlked to the church and learnt all about the sculptures models and paintings. The Christening font is mega years old..., A walk with a different group of children where we saw lots of interesting things and then finally a walk when I got home with Lakrits!

The Church itself is from 1848 although there was a different one on that site and the font is from 1100 wow..old!

The lamps were a gift to the church and every Christmas they light the real candles adorning them...otherwise the electric lights are lit.

The paintings of all the saints were from when the former church was there and were saved after a fire. They now adorn the church that stands there idag.

A very interesting lesson with art history and art analysis and something I can build on to next term!

In the afternoon we took a walk, did the quiz. Found a Pinecone flower, a real flower which traslates to the star of the forest.

When I got home, time for my third walk of the day...this time lakrits needed a walk...of course I took him...we went around the lake, he of course went in the lake..then stood there, drinking the water and looking at me as if to say.."I am NOT coming out"


A good day, tired now and need sleep...speak tomorrow!

Thought of the day:
Teens are curious beings
Sounds like a very interesting day Boo, your classes have such an amazing teacher.
May 28th, 2020  
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