Tribu Tatusan - Binirayan Festival by iamdencio

Tribu Tatusan - Binirayan Festival

Aliwan Fiesta 2018 Festival Dance Competition 5th Place - Binirayan Festival of Antique represented by Tribu Tatusan.

The province of Antique, known for its tagline “where the mountains meet the sea,” mirrors the rare resources and diverse ways of living in the countryside. First-time participants in Aliwan, the town of Caluya traces the story of one man who sources out his living in the middle of the night, exploring the dense waters so he can bring home palatable viands for his family. Amid lush green coconut trees, we are introduced to the Antiqueños’ delicacy – the tatus or coconut crabs, along with other flora and fauna,. They also highlight the famous hand-woven patadyong, with its multi-colored hues, the crystal clear waterfalls and mystical rivers that speak of intertwined beliefs and traditions. In the quaint greeting “kruhay” welcoming visitors to Antique, we are embraced buy a warm and generous people.
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