Little Shambles by if1

Little Shambles

126 - Little Shambles enters the Shambles from the west and provides a link from the outdoor market. This view allows a better view of the structure of the buildings. The timber frames stepped out as you go up the building, and the uneven floors can clearly be seen.

The building under the Little Shambles sign was once a wonderful bookshop, sadly long gone.
Nice shot Ian - not been up to York in ages but you are inspiring me to take a journey North .... :)
July 9th, 2012  

Thank you Katharine, glad you are enjoying the tour! Sadly, the poor weather means that you aren't seeing York at it's best.
July 9th, 2012  
You live in a beautiful place! I just love the architecture...I could get lost in it. The POV and lighting are just awesome. FAV
July 9th, 2012  

Thank you Caren, and thank you for the fav! York is a beautiful place with many interesting buildings, and I hope to share more of them in the coming weeks.
July 9th, 2012  
Great pic. I love York
July 9th, 2012  

Thank you Lesley, glad you are enjoying the tour!
July 9th, 2012  
Okay, are those old buildings as wonky inside as they are from the outside? Do the floors and walls tilt and twist so much as to make the upper floors unusable? Great shot! But it makes me dizzy looking at those tipsy structures!
July 10th, 2012  
Nice shot. seeing all of these shots makes me want to come and explore your little part of the world
July 10th, 2012  
I was admiring your capture but my eyes stopped at "Chocolate Heaven"
July 10th, 2012  
Great shot! Love all these little streets you capture to share with us!
I really feel we need to visit York in the not too distant future! Been to Durham which we loved but haven't made it to York yet!
Love the Chocolate Heaven shop!
July 10th, 2012  
Such an opportunity in the UK for photos like this!
July 10th, 2012  

Some of these buildings certainly have a few sloping floors! I'm not sure about Chocolate Heaven seen here ahead, because I've never been inside, but the shop on the right is actually fairly level, and the first floor was in use when it was a bookshop. I'm not aware of any such buildings in York where the upper floors can't be used on safety grounds. I think the angles add to the character of the place!
July 10th, 2012  

Thank you Brian, I'm sure if you visited you would find York an interesting place to explore. In the meantime, I'll be providing a few more shots of the place in the coming weeks!
July 10th, 2012  

Thank you Marie - it seems that we share a similar weakness! And if you turn left when you reach Chocolate Heaven (if you can avoid going in!) and walk into the square, there is a new Chocolate museum, complete with samples! York was once a major centre of confectionery manufacturing, with 3 major employers (Cravens, Terrys and Rowntrees). I spent most of my working life at the Rowntree factory as a production planner (and taste tester!!!). Much of the factory where I worked has now been closed, following the takeover of Rowntrees by Nestle.
July 10th, 2012  

Thank you Sarah - I'm sure that if you like Durham, you would like York, and there's lots more here to explore that I haven't shown yet. Chocolate Heaven isn't the only chocolate shop, there are others too, and a chocolate museum - it seems to be a bit of a growth industry in the city centre at the moment!
July 10th, 2012  

Thank you Bob, you're right, there are lots of such opportunities, and I'm aiming to share more in the coming weeks.
July 10th, 2012  
Beautiful picture and a memorable one for me. I love York and the shambles. Go there several times during my university year in Leeds and been there again the last time I went to England. Fav.
July 14th, 2012  

Thank you Wini, and thank you for the fav! I'm pleased that you have good memories of York. I came here as a student and loved the place so decided to stay here, so I've been here over40 years now. There is another shot of the Shambles in my project as well as various other historical shots of the city. Thank you also for the follow!
July 14th, 2012  
I wonder how long you had to wait to get a shot without any tourists in it! A very nice picture. I remember a book shop with lots of rooms and corridors and staircases, a shame that it's gone!
July 23rd, 2012  

Surprisingly enough, only a couple of minutes. The real problem was the vans that were there to clear the stock from the market stalls!
July 24th, 2012  
I love the looks of these buildings and the small roads.
August 10th, 2012  

Thank you Bruni, they are quite fascinating.
August 11th, 2012  
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