Time Wait for No Photographer by imprezoid

Time Wait for No Photographer

The Clock Tower is one of the older features of Hogwarts Castle. Within the tower, lies the mechanism that run the antique clock. There is an old courtyard at its base, and at the top is the clear glass dial of the clock. There is space between the clock's movement and the dial for a person to either repair the clock or to stand and look out over the courtyard. There are five bells in the clock tower of various sizes; these bells appear to be made of copper as the bells are rather oxidised. The Clock Tower chimes every half hour and strikes a small bell at the beginning and conclusion of class sessions. What powers the clock's mechanism is currently unknown, but it is presumed to be weight-driven.

The Tower does not begin at the Ground Floor level. Because it is placed on top of a hill, the Tower begins at the Third Floor level. When you enter the Tower, there is a large Hall with flights of wooden stairs at the right and left side and the pendulum of the Clock Tower can be seen slowly swinging as well. The first landing is at the Fourth Floor level. It's at this landing that are the clock's movement and transparent dial. A long corridor with the entrance to the Hospital Wing is at this landing. This same corridor connects the Tower to the rest of the castle. If you go up another flight of wooden stairs, you will get to another landing, this time at the Fifth Floor level. It's in this landing that are the clock's bells; four massive gold and copper bells for chiming and striking the hours and the suspension spring of the pendulum. There is another corridor at this landing; like the other, it links the Tower to the main castle.

Timekeeping wise, the clock has a visible pendulum swing of 46 beats per minute, due to the length of the pendulum.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, the Clock Tower was heavily damaged, especially on the front side, by Death Eaters: much of the clock face was obliterated, the clock mechanism was badly damaged and one of its bells somehow ended up at the Entrance Courtyard. However, the bell could have also come from the Bell Towers, also Voldemort and Harry crashed into the ruined tower during their final battle. It is presumed that the tower was reconstructed and the clock mechanism fully restored to working order sometime after the battle concluded.
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