Confused butterfly by ingrid01

Confused butterfly

This butterfly flew straight to my oldest daughter and seems to think her jacket is a flower...
Oh my goodness, surely it shouldn't be around yet though... What colour/s is it Ingrid? Do you know what type it is? The wings are quite unusual.
March 2nd, 2017  
Thank you for asking @stephanies ! I did not know either, but I found out by looking on the internet that it is a "Question Mark" !
Here is the link to Wikipedia
We are having warm weather already (yesterday we reached 30C/ 86F already), so I'm not surprised there are butterflies around.
March 3rd, 2017  
Oh my goodness! 30C - we have 8-10C/46-50F here at the moment.... no wonder you have butterflies around. Thanks so much for finding the link and the name for me... the colour on the upper part of the wings is just amazing!
March 4th, 2017  
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