Recording!  by ingrid01


The music school invited Yelena as a higher level student to record her pieces. At first we were totally confused because she has been recording her video for the Trinity Exam at home and we thought it was a recording for the Trinity program, but it wasn't.
I think it will be done as a promotion for their website and also to compensate recitals that aren't happening.

After playing a piece she could listen to the recording and it sounded very very good.
The man was also super nice and not in a hurry at all. Setting up took more than 30 minutes and in total we were there for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Also because her first piece was long and he kept hearing a weird noise in the recording. It turned out that the stool made noise when moved during playing. The stool was changed and the problem solved, but she played that long first piece 7 or 8 times....

Originally she should play 2 pieces, but she was so impressed by the sound that she asked to do a third piece. And that was no problem at all!
How lovely. I’m glad she likes piano. It takes so much focus. This is a wonderful image.
June 14th, 2021  
How lovely that they are using Yelena's pieces for the website.
June 14th, 2021  
Great to hear there are workarounds. And a nice shot.
June 14th, 2021  
How awesome !
June 15th, 2021  
June 15th, 2021  
what an accomplishment for this young lady. congratulations! do we get to hear it or see the recording on the music school's website? would love to hear her play.
June 18th, 2021  
@summerfield - I just checked their website. At this moment there is only a boy playing one piece on drums (high level though).
Depending on what they do (one piece/parts of the pieces) I will share either the link of the music school's website or see if I can put it on Youtube. She did 3 pieces and they promised to give me the files too.
And as a super proud mom, I obviously want to share it with the whole world ;)
June 20th, 2021  
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