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Tickets & emails

A screen shot + Dino and Baloo... to celebrate that I have paid tickets for them to fly from Muscat to Houston! Posting this to remember myself, so no need to comment or even read it.

What a day.... I was at the Muscat Qatar Airways Office at 8.30 am, but due to Ramadan the opening hours are now from 9am to 3pm. When they opened the friendly, but useless clerk told me all was OK. I needed to have patience for the confirmation to come in. So I asked for a supervisor or anybody else who was willing to help me.

A supervisor already noticed and took over. After a while he asked for the CDC (US - Centers for Disease Control) entry permits! Yeah! Progress! Scanning and copying took some time.

Then he typed and typed. Dino is on paper a "Pointer mix" and Baloo a "Wadi dog". The Wadi dog - bread was no problem, but a Pointer-mix... Mixed with what? Hmmm... mixed with a Mexican Street dog... but that didn't fit in the box. So he left it as 'Pointer Mix'.

A request was submitted to the head office in Doha and he would call me if there were any problems or if the request was granted.

I was still on my way home when I received a phone call. They needed to know, as he suspected, with what the Pointer was mixed...

The export lady at the Vet, explained that it didn't really matter as long as you name a bread that is not on any "bad lists". Looking at Dino's photo she told me to go for a Pointer - Labrador mix.

Phoning the guy in the Qatar Airways Head Office was not possible because you can only call a call center. So I did a second trip.
More questions came up (this time about the weight) and more typing was done. The request was re-submitted and although they responded within an hour this morning, it could take up to 24 hours. Again, he promised to phone me immediately if any news came in.

At the moment I put the key in my front door my mobile rang. Guess who it was... correct! Party time! Both dogs were approved to fly!

Now payment was due. To get it over and done with and because they close at 3pm, I was at the office again at 2.30pm. After a 20 minute wait, it was busy, the amount was confirmed and the little pin/pay-thingy came out of a drawer. Only to have the useless clerk tell us, that the machine didn't work.

My nice guy tried 3 different ways, but it really didn't work. He then told me I could return tomorrow or call the call center and pay there.

The call center was busy. After a few minutes I decided to put my phone on speaker and start to prepare our dinner. My sauce (minced meat, onion, carrot, zucchini and tomatoes) was almost finished when there was suddenly a deep voice started talking to me.

The deep-voice-man was friendly. Everything was in the system and paying was not quick, but successful! However, the email confirmation did not get through fast. He wanted to wait until I received it, but after checking my email address we hang up. If necessary, they could print it the receipt in the Muscat office anyway.

Approximately 5 minutes later 8 confirmation emails came in! Four for each dog.
Oh well, better double-double than not getting an email at all :) Looks like we're almost set to fly!

Just some Omani paperwork to do, but I'm confident the export lady at the vet will handle that well! Then obviously their wellness check just before flying.

I will also book rabies vaccines in Houston for the day after we arrive. The dogs have to be confined until they have had their jab within 10 days of arrival. So better get that done asap after arrival as I have a graduation to go to!

Note: I left my computer on Texas time so it I do not need to convert when contacting Nadya. The actual time here was 3.58pm

Hehee!!! Well done and good luck!
April 26th, 2022  
What an ordeal.
April 26th, 2022  
OMG, such an ordeal, I was stressed just reading it all.
April 26th, 2022  
Good luck for your move. That’s a long way for doggies.
April 26th, 2022  
oh geez.....Glad it worked out at the end.
April 26th, 2022  
I am so glad you got that done! What a story! Adorable pups.
April 26th, 2022  
Phew! Done! I hope everything is smooth from now on for you folks.
April 27th, 2022  
What a time you have had. Hope Baloo likes his new home.
April 30th, 2022  
I love, love, everything about this, Ingrid! My goodness, so much paperwork! Exciting!
May 14th, 2022  
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