Trio by ingrid01


Another wabi sabi photo. This is a combination of 3 photos in order to get all three flowers in focus.

I'm thinking about editing the little dry thing on the bottom left out. What do you think?

Casablanca commented straightaway and I believe it looks better without the 'thingy', so this one is in my Extra's album and the even more edited version in my main album. Thank you Casa! Here is the link to the cleaned up photo:

Exquisite colour combination. Yes, I would get rid of the little thing bottom left too and leave it as a more pure image.
September 24th, 2023  
I like it!
September 24th, 2023  
Zo’n mooie foto
September 24th, 2023  
@casablanca Thank you! I have taken it out and cleaned it up a little more in some places. I think it looks a lot better! So this one goes to my extras album and the new one moves into my main album!
September 24th, 2023  
I like this one too, but side-by- side, I tend to prefer the cleaned-up version. It looks more minimalist- cleaner, I guess :)
September 24th, 2023  
@ingrid01 Pleasure! And I think you have done an excellent job of cleaning it up on the new post.
September 25th, 2023  
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