spoon by ingrid2101


another from swona, my father turned 70 on the 3rd so it's been quite hectic. my brother came up from edinburgh where he lives with his daughter. out for a lovely meal and just generally make a fuss of the dad! I am patiently waiting to get a new scanner set up - I have to do a few things first and needto get on.. I have a film i'm desperate to scan. i flipped the lens in an old Brownie Hawkeye and put a roll of 120 through it. I've developed it and some have turned out.
I also got one of my photos on Flickr on explore which was quite a big deal for me
this is really spooky. Perhaps it is the harsh light or the tones or indeed the fact that I know this is an abandoned building. You should really publish a book with theses shots. Hope your Dad had a nice day.
April 5th, 2014  
The spoon looks diabolically green
April 5th, 2014  
@peterdegraaff I had to touch it to makesure it was metal. it was so green it looked like plastic. diabolical indeed
April 5th, 2014  
Love, love, love. Fav
April 6th, 2014  
I agree with Rachel ^ Another fave.
April 6th, 2014  
Just fab :)

April 6th, 2014  
The last meal was some time ago. Fav
April 7th, 2014  
wonderful -f av
April 12th, 2014  
Love the tone. Another ┬źnatiure morte┬╗! FAV!
April 13th, 2014  
Love everything about this ... the lighting, the textures, the unexpected colors... Fav.
April 22nd, 2014  
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