Hanging with the Dutch by jack4john

Hanging with the Dutch

Back tomorrow and will catch up, promise
Haha, great old houses, some look like they've subsided. Love the 'bak fiets' and bikes. Hope you had a good time!
May 5th, 2016  
I know that you're having a wonderful time there...how could you not?!
May 5th, 2016  
Love a bit of Dutch hanging. Enjoy!
May 5th, 2016  
Are my eyes wonky or are some of those houses on the piss.!!!
Enjoy your trip
May 5th, 2016  
Excellent shot - some interesting lines!
May 5th, 2016  
What's up with the houses on the left? They look like they were built on a tilt.
Have a wonderful trip!
May 6th, 2016  
Interesting angles in some of these houses. Lovely shot.
May 6th, 2016  
terrific scene )
May 6th, 2016  
Nice shot of an interesting scene.
May 7th, 2016  
Looks like the builders did not have a level, but they do look great in this shot.
May 9th, 2016  
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