Conversations on a homecoming by jack4john

Conversations on a homecoming

I was entrusted with designing a poster for the play we are performing this year. The story of which is an actor who returns to his home town in 1973, having been away in New York for 10 years. He meets up with his friends in a pub that was owned a man who looked like JFK and had the same charismatic persona. Ten years later the youthful idealism that JFK had seemed to bring to Ireland when he visited in 1963, has been lost. The actor is in need of refuge among his friends at home. But times have changed, and comfort is in short supply. Anyway I delivered on the poster and it was well received and indeed so far the whole production has been a great success. A central piece of the set is a faded picture of JFK, we were given this authentic one dating from that time by a local flower shop. When it was hung on the faded wallpaper and the flags added I was struck by how much better this would have looked on the poster. The framed picture of Kennedy hung in so many Irish houses through the 60's and even later, so proud we're the a Irish of the offspring of one of their own. His execution was strongly felt here. There is talks of reviving the play in September, we will have a different poster. Sorry for not posting in 2019, but I looked in each day, to see what you all were up to
This is great. Very atmospheric with that lighting. I assume this shot is of that bit of the set? I wish I could see the production.
April 11th, 2019  
Like many (most?) people of my era, I know where I was and exactly what I was doing when I heard of Kennedy's death... this brought it all back. Good to see you back here John.
April 11th, 2019  
Thanks for the explanation. The photo is well processed to fit your narrative. My you are a talented man! Nice to see you!
April 12th, 2019  
Very cool shot John and great to see you post for the first time this year. Good luck with the play and hope to see more of your images again soon. :)
April 12th, 2019  
The idealism that JFK personified was felt deeply by so many. Your image conveys that and the tarnished times we experienced after his murder most wonderfully. fav
April 12th, 2019  
Touches deeply into my memory bank
April 12th, 2019  
April 14th, 2019  
Moving photo. Still remember the day he was shot. My roommates and I visited his casket in the U.S. Capitol.
April 19th, 2019  
Interesting lighting here insofar as the green of his suit in the photo 'suggests' that he's more Irish than American. Fluke or otherwise, makes an interesting shot.
April 23rd, 2019  
It's the lighting, it was lit by a single spotlight.
April 25th, 2019  
nicely done - fav
May 7th, 2019  
Hope everything’s fine with you,don’t see new posts— btw,thanks for all the faves,have a good weekend ♥️
May 18th, 2019  
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