wrong lens by jackies365

wrong lens

grabbed what I thought was my 35mm for my d750. it was my 10-20mm for my d7100. at 20mm I don't get a lot of vignetting but actually liked the 10mm shot better and cropped a bit to get rid of the vignette. this is a large part of my mom's day now. even though we try to keep her busy, even simple things take a lot out of her. today was a visit to the dentist which is a lot. after her nap we still managed to do some crafting (birdhouse painting) and do her nails in red white and blue for the holiday.
She is blessed to have you. Am praying for you and your Mom.
June 30th, 2022  
I cannot get to grips with ultra wide lenses, you did a good job here
June 30th, 2022  
@phil_howcroft same as Phil. Great view of her home
July 1st, 2022  
So nice that you are able to take care of her and keep her busy and happy.
July 2nd, 2022  
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