Anniversary Pan by janetb

Anniversary Pan

I read a book a long time ago: When God Winks. The jacket said it was no accident that I'd just picked up the book, and I believe it. Turns out the author, Squire Rushnell, put a name to what I'd known all along: seemingly random events — Godwinks — are really signposts from the Creator sent "directly to you out of seven billion people on the planet." Godwinks sometimes take away breath.
Sometimes Godwinks simply bring about a smile. Always Godwinks comfort.

We'll soon head out on our "anniversary camping trip." That's what we've been calling it for months. We'll celebrate 38 years of marriage, and we can't wait; but truth be told, some things haven't gone as planned leading up to this trip. We've felt surprised and a bit confused considering God's hand in all things Dreamcatcher has been palpable. And good. This trip holds special meaning for us, yet our minds can drift to things we can’t control.

Then this. I planned to make a Hummingbird Cake to take along. One, because I wanted to try out my new Bundt pan — a gift from my precious daughter. Two, because a hummingbird unexpectedly emerged from the forest and flew into our last campsite to feast on our red flowers — delighting us beyond measure. While preparing the pan, I turned it over and was shocked to find embossed on the bottom: Anniversary Bundt Pan. Really! Then a smile, and an exhale and an intense feeling of comfort. He's in this.


Oh, and because the thought popped into my head, I took a look at hummingbird symbolism: joy and healing and good luck. Really!

Wow, This was definitely meant to be. I love how things flow and how the godwinks turn up :) Happy Anniversary for when the day rolls in, 38 years is such a beautiful milestone. Enjoy it, embrace it and toast a glass to many more :)
July 29th, 2021  
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