Rainy Afternoon by janetb

Rainy Afternoon

One afternoon, it "rained cats and dogs" as my Mom would say; but we didn't mind one bit. In fact, we quite enjoyed our time spent together in the cozy comfort of The Dreamcatcher — each of us leaned comfortably back in a recliner with a good book in hand. The rain stopped by dinnertime, and the forest after a storm is incredibly fresh and fragrant. Hand in hand, we walked unhurried. At times, a slight breeze would blow droplets of water out of the trees and onto our heads. They felt cool and good, and we didn't mind one bit.

Dearest Jesus,
I will praise you in this storm
because of who I know you are
and because I know you will make all things new
in your perfect timing.
You are the master of miracles: making light from dark,
new from old,
warmth from cold,
wine from water!
Thank you for your perfect provision.
Please give me strength
to keep my eyes fixed on you
and your flawless, loving character.
Through faith, I flat out refuse to be fearful.
I know I can do all things through you
who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).
Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ!

I wrote this prayer years ago, and I've prayed it countless times. Whether in literal storms or life's inevitable storms, it brings me comfort to recall what I know: His provision and timing are perfect and worthy of praise!
Ahhhhhh! Dreamcatcher - what an apt name! Lovely photo and narrative!
July 21st, 2021  
Excellent shot that matches your narrative.
July 21st, 2021  
So peaceful place!
July 22nd, 2021  
July 22nd, 2021  
Sounds relaxing
July 22nd, 2021  
Lovely image
July 22nd, 2021  
Wow your time together sounds just perfect as I love to read and that walk through the forest Devine.
July 22nd, 2021  
@juliedduncan @milaniet @framelight_byasli @thewatersphotos @julie @ilovelenses @kgolab Thank you so much for your kind words. Our new adventure into camping has been such a beautiful blessing. Rain or shine...we can't get enough! :) Our travels do keep me from participating in 365 as often as I'd like, so I truly appreciate your support of my project despite the fact that I don't often get the chance to comment. I do, however, peek in on your projects as often as I can; and your images always brighten my day!
July 22nd, 2021  
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