Stupidity by janetb


Not long after we enjoyed watching this handsome Red-winged Blackbird at the Wetlands, Mike convinced me to follow him onto a rough offshoot of the easy loop trail. No stranger to hiking, I know unprepared when I see it; and I saw it on my feet in the form of my cute blue slip-ons. Reluctantly, I followed; and before I knew it, the beautiful sights and sounds of spring in the woods drew us further along — with me only occasionally complaining about the stupidity of the idea considering my cute shoes, lack of tick spray, and experience as a former hike leader and environmental educator.

We managed to cross a creek miraculously unscathed by stepping on a well-positioned log; but climbing the muddy hill on the other side? Not pretty. With knees trembling from several slips and cute blue shoes now caked with thick brown mud, I passed my new Nikon D850 behind to Mike as I groped for the aid of an exposed tree root. He pushed me up as I pulled on the root, and all seemed promising until I heard the scuffle.

Looking back, I found Mike, my camera, and our Zeiss binoculars planted in the mud. Admittedly, my occasional complaining escalated to near constant as we made our way back to the Blackbird; but before long, we laughed. We even laughed when we got home and brushed dried mud out of all the Nikon's crevices — oh, and the Zeiss’ crevices, too. Thankfully, both still perform perfectly, Mike was only mildly sore, all the mud washed out of our clothes, and neither of us got a tick; however, my cute blue slip-ons will never be the same.

I praise you, Lord, for the ability to laugh at our own stupidity. :)
Much better to lose a pair of cute blue slip-ons than a camera or pair of binoculars! Fun story and so good you were able to laugh about it! I love the song of these birds. Great shot!
April 23rd, 2020  
Ugh, but glad I'm not the only one who sometimes goes on hikes unprepared. At least you got a gorgeous photo out of it! Ha ha! :)
April 23rd, 2020  
That last line is the important one! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventure and glad the camera survived even if the shoes did not.
April 24th, 2020  
Wonderfully captured
April 24th, 2020  
nice capture ...
April 24th, 2020  
You got a beautiful image despite all the mud. Nature's beauty is so alluring, it's easy to be lured into an adventure not properly prepared. But how can we resist God's creation!
April 25th, 2020  
A lovely photo and a great memory to go with it.
April 27th, 2020  
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