Playing with Pomegranates Again by janiskay

Playing with Pomegranates Again

My sister call and said I needed to post once in a while so she would know if I was OK. Well I’m fine just busy cleaning house. It takes me a while Because of my breathing.

Anyway I had planed to clean another pomegranate this morning but I didn’t plan on photographing it. But..........I guess I needed a photo!

In This photo I have finished deseeding and rinsing to remove any inedible matter. Now they are sitting in the colander to dry off.

Think I will make a salad for dinner tonight.

I am not sure how often I will be posting. I will post occasionally when I have something decent to post but I won’t I will be posting every day. I spend to much time playing on here and not enough time on the things I need to be doing.

Many thanks for your wonderful comments and favs they are most appreciated. Plus I love seeing what you have all been doing.
Great capture and pov
January 7th, 2020  
Pomegranates are such a favourite of mine!! Just checking to see if you emailed me - it's come up a little odd, so i haven't been game to open it in case it;s a spam using your name!! Please let me know - thanks :)
January 8th, 2020  
Love it - fav
January 8th, 2020  
@gilbertwood yes I did email you and tried to send you a friend request. I did this the same day you gave me your email address.
January 8th, 2020  
A nice salad coming up!
January 8th, 2020  
Wow makes a lovely photo!
January 8th, 2020  
Love the color and simple fresh feel of this shot.
January 10th, 2020  
I need to try pomegranate one day. I saw a large container of it at Costco. Yes I’m that lazy. LOL Glad all is good 😊
January 10th, 2020  
Oh my I think I will faint. My sister took one of my suggestions. LOL This is lovely. Please enjoy some for me since I can't eat them any more.
January 22nd, 2020  
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