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Updated 6/16/2014

I found The 365 Project the day I was diagnosed with breast Cancer and I thought OK, why not, this is a way to keep busy and take my mind of my troubles. A way to record what happens in the next year of my life. So here I am. As you can see I didn't do too well especially when going through Chemo. Now I am slowly backtracking to fill in the record a little more. I did manage to take some photos but when it came time for posting it was beyond the scope of things I felt up to doing. Most days I didn't feel like doing anything.

Long story made short I now had two different types of cancer....Breast cancer and lung cancer. At first it appeared both were in the early stages. That was the good news. The bad news came later when it was discovered that the lung cancer was a stage 3 instead of the stage 1 or 2 they originally thought it was.

I have completed the Chemo for cancers and have had each one operated on and removes. I have also been through radiation for both cancers. They say I have beaten both (Good News) I haven't returned to normal living yet in that I have difficulty breathing when doing anything that requires physical activity such as walking, cooking or even making the bed. I have had moments of normalcy but they usually don't last too long. They keep saying it will happen and I keep hoping but sometimes it is hard.........It's been a busy almost two years since they first discovered the first cancer on October 26, 2012.