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Year = just next! Start again January 1 2019.1st year was April 2011-2012 from there each year has become less posting but I always read posts and enjoy your work. My goal for year 2 was the top 10 of a weekly top 20. I did not make it. 5 days into year 3 and my photo landed 8th in week 161 top 20. How amazing. I cant believe how wonderful it feels to have taken the photo because of 2 years of learning from you and to achieve top 10 because of your comments and Favs!. You are the best. Another goal of year 2 was less fear. I did enter a local photo show, joined a photo club, held an exhibit at the local library and joined Fine Art America with a web site to sell my work. I love all the feedback and inspiration 365 offers, thank you!!! I dont have any idea of my goals for this year except to learn and challenge myself. I live in NW Minnesota on a lake and enjoy seeing the world through your lens.
#17 in the TT http://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-171
#8 in the TT http://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-161
#13 in the TT http://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-92