he's just so lame by jantan

he's just so lame

This is Angus Donk. I have to specifiy Angus Donk because quite by concidence my eldest son is also called Angus. Angus Donk has been lame since we got back from holiday. It has been difficult to work out what the problem is. Because of years of abuse the two old donkeys' feet aren't in very good shape and they are prone to hoof abscesses. This seemed different tho. Anyway, the vet came to have a look this evening and as she was looking at his leg we noticed that the abscess had burst through the coronary band which is the area where the hoof meets the leg. So it's back to 'tubbing' his foot in hot water and Epsom Salts and applying hot poultices every day. Ho hum................
Poor Angus Donk! hope he is better soon!
August 30th, 2012  
oh dear... poor guy... and poor you for all the extra work... hopefully he'll be better soon!
August 31st, 2012  
Angus must be in a lot of pain then, poor thing!
August 31st, 2012  
Poor little fella! x
August 31st, 2012  
Ohhh poor Angus Donk.... wishing his hoof a speedy recovery and bless your for all the love and care you give this amazing donkey ♥
August 31st, 2012  
He does look sorry for himself!! Hope he's better soon!!
August 31st, 2012  
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