foolish (?)

Today I have (foolishly ?) lent my fifteen year old son my camera to take on a school trip to Kenilworth Castle. The pictures he takes will form part of his History GCSE coursework. "Foolishly (?)" because last time he borrowed a camera was when he was scuba diving and he dropped it in 40m water, never to be seen again............

We are off on holiday today so I took this quick shot on my iPhone on the way home from taking the kids to their bus stop. Over-edited, I know but actually I quite like it and there is no time for faffing about or subtlety today
Aww.....Brilliant capture! Enjoy your hols! : )
posted October 19th, 2012  
Great looking animal
posted October 19th, 2012  
i love these! :-)
posted October 19th, 2012  
Love the expression and texture in the fur. Nicely composed...hope you get your camera back this time!
posted October 19th, 2012  
I really like it.great looking animal and background. Fav.
posted October 19th, 2012  
I like it!! its really cool, the edit suits it perfectly
posted October 19th, 2012  
Great shot! I love your processing.
posted October 19th, 2012  
Love it..just wish I had that much hair!
posted October 19th, 2012  
Beautiful capture and DoF from a phone camera! I don't think it's over processed.
posted October 19th, 2012  
Bah, he's soooo cute! I just love llamas/alpacas. (I honestly don't know the difference) I think the processing is great! Lovely shot!
posted October 19th, 2012  
Great capture! Love his expression!
posted October 19th, 2012  
Too lovely, what a wonderful expression he has!! Hope your camera finds its way back safely and have a good hols!!
posted October 19th, 2012  
Great shot!! Great expression,hope he can see through that fringe!! Have a good holiday!!
posted October 19th, 2012  
Well I love him, over-edited or not ...
posted October 20th, 2012  
It may be over edited but I really like this guy. Very cute shot. Well done.
posted October 21st, 2012  
He looks totally cute! Great capture. 8)
posted October 22nd, 2012  
Lovely countryside. Great find.
posted October 23rd, 2012  
Lovely countryside and expression!
posted October 25th, 2012  
ha ha ha! love this! you caught him with such an expressive demeanor :)
posted October 27th, 2012  
Foolish - maybe. You will know when your son gets home. These llamas are beautiful, they have great big eyes and lashes.
posted November 3rd, 2012  
@suomi Llamas have ears that are bent at the top. This animal has straight ears, so it is an alpaca. Light fawn in colour.
posted January 26th, 2013  
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