countryside cliche by jantan

countryside cliche

OK I know it should be a spaniel or a labrador rather than a heinz 57 rescue mutt, but we've got the Aga and we've got the green wellies.

still trying to come up with a jolly scene from inside my home which is SOOC for this week's get pushed challenge. To me this fits the bill, but just can't get myself to do the SOOC bit, the temptation to edit is too strong!

I love our Aga. It is on all year round and on a winter's day it is lovely to walk into the toasty warm kitchen. My wellies will be nice and warm when I put them on in the morning too.

The colour and its four ovens make me think of a big heart in the middle of our kitchen. Above it you can just catch a glimpse of my collection of donkey shaped salt and pepper pots which I like to think of as vintage kitsch, but which could probably be more accurately described as tacky junk.
Hubby and I come with the spaniel and our own wellies. we would very much like to come and live at your house!! Great shot :-)
November 1st, 2012  
Not tacky junk at all! Very bright, interesting and cheerful. This is a beautiful Aga and I envy you in the winter with it!
November 1st, 2012  
Oh lucky you having a four oven one , mine is only the two oven version but it's the most important piece in the house...I agree with all you say about Aga's. We have the required Labrador though!!!
November 1st, 2012  
Oh I think the Heinz 57 is perfect :) Lovely domestic scene.
November 2nd, 2012  
now that is one nice Aga! :-)
November 2nd, 2012  
And I can offer a couple of black labradors for the scene! Looks so nice and cosy, I really envy you the Aga. Bliss to cook on once you've got the hang of it.
November 2nd, 2012  
Great composition,love the red Aga!!
November 2nd, 2012  
November 3rd, 2012  
Jan, I really love this! I was feeling unwell, and had internet access issues the latter part of the week, and I wish that I'd been able to see this sooner. I wished that I'd been able to ship an Aga home to the States with me when I moved back from my 4 years in England in 1988. Maybe one day I'll get a real wood or coal stove for my current home.... :-)
November 4th, 2012  
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