doing what goats do by jantan

doing what goats do

Cory, AKA 'my nemesis' giving a perfect demonstration of that 'goaty' thing of needing to take advantage of every vantage point available........ even if it is only 2cm high.

I have recently let the goats, donkeys and sheep have access to the same area of land. This was a bit worrying at first because donkeys (not mine!) have been known to kill sheep, but are also used in many countries to guard them from wolves and coyotes.

The introduction went pretty much as I would have predicted with the donks chasing the sheep around for a few minutes, then realising that they were in a field full of new (to them) grass so getting on with munching their way through that.

It is quite interesting that now things have settled down, the sheep all hang out together but the goats, who seem to see themselves as honorary donkeys, continue to hang around with them. I did wonder if they would re-align themselves with their sheepy cousins, but no.
Great shot and interesting prose !
March 13th, 2016  
Hahaha! So cute!
March 13th, 2016  
They look so entertaining! You really captured their personalities.
March 22nd, 2016  
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