Good or Bad News by jborrases

Good or Bad News

After cease of Google news. What a shame….Happy weekend … On the road again ;)

is that a bathroom. How funny!
December 19th, 2014  
Haha, the writing is on the wall it would seem!
December 20th, 2014  
Just Image having iPad as tiles for the bathroom.
December 20th, 2014  
How can you read those papers if the toilet faces the opposite direction, haha. Love this one.
December 20th, 2014  
Great find, super shot
December 20th, 2014  
@brigette thank you very much. Yes it is. I smiled when I saw It
@ukandie1 thank you very much. They missed to glue some newspaper on the door ;)
@yaorenliu thank you very much. How expensive will be a bathroom full of ipads as tiles. Sure these will very " poisonous informative " ;)
@sangwann thank you very much. They are fine if you do one thing, they are in the wrong way if you need to sit ;)
December 20th, 2014  
This is so funny - excuse me for my giggle. But in the States anyway, we often tease that men read the whole paper or at least the sports section in the bathroom.
December 21st, 2014  
@joansmor Thank you very much... That was the idea. bring alive a giggle. Here we read news, newspapers, magazines, anything readable in the bathroom too ;) ... I think that this is an universal tradition when you need a little of intimate space ;)
December 21st, 2014  
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