Sentinel by jelek


I'm honestly a little ashamed that I've lived in Southwest Florida for over a decade and can only identify maybe a dozen different types of birds, because they are everywhere, especially this time of year. I was popping shots of this little guy perched on my neighbor's roof this evening around sunset, and this huge flock noisily swooped in to try and bust up our photo shoot. But I had other plans for them :D
Wow -- that's a lot of birds! And now this story of a single bird has all kinds of other possibilities -- what is the relationship between that bird and the ones flying? Is it considering joining them? Storytelling photo.
November 2nd, 2018  
@jyokota I'd like to think she was an advanced scout, sent to make sure the path was clear for the rest of the flock to fly south. She will join them once her duties have been fulfilled.
November 3rd, 2018  
@jelek - GREAT story!
November 3rd, 2018  
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