The River by jenp

The River

Hi All! I'm so sorry that I have been AWOL and not participating, especially commenting on all of the wonderful photos here. These last two weeks have been so busy, that I really haven't had much time to take pictures. I have missed it! I will catch up with everyone tonight and tomorrow during the day.

I went for a quick run out today to some waterfalls that someone told me about. I took pictures, but I'm honestly not happy with what I got. I over did it on the super closed down lens and the water was just too blurry. I think I had it at F32! I should probably have stopped it down to F15 as I had an ND filter on the lens (first time playing with the ND Filter). It could just be my eyes, but i'd like to go reshoot it!
I walked around for a little bit around the old mill, next to the Potomac River and I saw this tiny little fall coming across the path and down into the river. I thought it was so pretty and serene looking.
It is serene looking. You might also try cropping out the lower left. Gives a different look.
June 11th, 2019  
It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful as is, but it looks like a beautiful spot to return to often.
June 11th, 2019  
life gets in the way doesn't it? welcome back :) find more time for places like this!
June 11th, 2019  
Welcome back Jennifer, a beautiful serene scene.
June 11th, 2019  
Beautiful scene!
June 11th, 2019  
lovely looking scene
June 11th, 2019  
It looks very peaceful.
June 11th, 2019  
- welcome back and thanks for this beautiful scene of reflections
June 13th, 2019  
Hello, Jennifer
So sorry to see how busy you are. That is so frustrating! Hope to see you back and posting once again!
You do have one little chore that needs to get done to keep the pet challenge going.
Please go through the pet challenge entries to choose your finalists, and then tally up the votes to announce the winner.
Let me know if you are unable to do this and I will do it for you.
All the best!
July 4th, 2019  
I hope everything is going well for you. Miss seeing your photos :)
November 27th, 2019  
merry Christmas, jennifer.
December 25th, 2019  
Wishing you and yours Peace, Joy, and Happiness Today and Always, Jennifer!
Merry Christmas!
December 26th, 2019  
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