Mrs B1's sextuplets by jesika2

Mrs B1's sextuplets

The first 6 Brimstone larvae hatched today after a 13 day incubation - assuming they ARE the first Mrs B's babies. they are eating and passing frass so all is well with these minute caterpillars which live inside and will be watched & photographed at each stage of their metamorphosis
oh how exciting - they seem so small and delicate don't they!
May 7th, 2020  
Amazing to see the whole cycle
May 8th, 2020  
I look forward to watching them grow and change.
May 8th, 2020  
I'm still waiting for Mrs B to find my alder buckthorn! Looking forward to seeing yours through to emergence!
May 9th, 2020  
@janturnbull She might have. Look under the leaves very carefully for ridiculously tiny eggs. Pale green at first then gradually darkening. If you don't see Mrs B ovipositing it can be difficult, fortunately I saw all 4 of them.
May 9th, 2020  
@milaniet @merrelyn @koalagardens I find metamorphosis fascinating, each day a slight change in larval size, then they pupate which always looks painful to me. And the wait...will I see eclosion? Watch this space...
May 9th, 2020  
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