My hottie by jesika2

My hottie

Woke at 5 this morning cold and VERY wet. For 6 hours my rubber feet warmer ( I have the world's coldest feet if I don't have a hottie to warm them) had slowly leaked. A most unpleasant way to start the day. This won't leak but it's not very comforting.
Many years ago, "when I were a lad" we had bricks heated in the coal fired oven, wrapped in old towels and put in the beds. Piles of blankets, eiderdowns, Dad's big Canadian overcoat (wish I''d kept it) in futile attempts to get warm. Dress and undress in the bed. Jack Frost inside the windows. Outside loo...gas lights. No running hot water. No electricity in the village until I was about 10.
Built igloos in winter and got wet melted tar on our shoes in summer.
And now we have digital cameras!
goodness me!
December 10th, 2020  
gosh sounds like my house lol thankfully it doesnt get to such cold temperatures here and the winters are warmer than they were when we moved in 25 years ago .
December 10th, 2020  
No fun to wake up cold and wet!! Things have changed a lot!
December 10th, 2020  
Love your commentary. Had heard of a few of those from my husband as his mother use to do the heated bricks in his bed before they got better heating.
December 11th, 2020  
My wife has cold feet all the time
January 6th, 2021  
It's amazing to look back on our childhood experiences - I used to think our grandparents had lived through the greatest social changes but maybe it's us too and everything is rushing towards.. the end?
Hope you got you bed dried out.
January 18th, 2021  
@janturnbull bed’s fine, thanks, it only got onto the mattress topper.
Grandmother was born 1896. Stay in your village, travel by horse and cart, candles, gas lights(we got the “electric”in the village i was born in when I was 10!). Then motor transport, the Wright brothers, radio, tv, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the Moon. The computers that got them there were less powerful than a 10 year old mobile phone.
She survived 2 wars and the 1918-19 Spanish flu. There was respect for the planet and its inhabitants.
There are many little children on my street, I wonder about their future and try not to think too deeply. J
January 18th, 2021  
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