Baby Mullein by jesika2

Baby Mullein

Moth that is. The imago (adult) is brown and on first sight rather plain, but is really quite magnificent. The baby however is all for show. This is a very young one, first instar I think, which I found on my Buddleia today, to my great excitment.
Hopefully it will grow safely, pupate and then spend the winter under soil until it ecloses in spring.
beautifully captured
June 12th, 2021  
Fascinating! So close, we see a different world!
June 12th, 2021  
A nice shot of this attractive caterpillar. Super detail!

June 13th, 2021  
@koalagardens @corinnec @fishers to my absolute delight I found another today. My Lepidoptera family is growing; 6 small tortoiseshells will fly in the next few days, the 10 Brimstone babies have started the pupation process, at least 10 very baby Brimstones are on their tree and now a second baby Mullein.
June 13th, 2021  
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