I surrender by jesika2

I surrender

A wonderfully dressed Vapourer moth caterbug, a mass of shaving brushes, fringes, lace and sticky out bits. This one will pupate soon.
If a boy he will fly freely, the girls have a very different and shorter life. They have only rudimentary wings and are unable to fly. As soon as she ecloses (emerges) she will release pheromones which will attract passing males. She will be rapidly impregnated, lay her eggs on her cocoon and then die. The eggs will remain where they are and the caterpillars emerge next year to repeat the cycle.
Part of me hopes it's a boy so he can fly away but the insect obsessed me would like a girl because I have never seen this part of the cycle.
Time will tell.
Super macro.
July 19th, 2021  
how awesome!
July 19th, 2021  
Amazing details
July 20th, 2021  
I am in Bristol and have just seen my first ever Vapourer moth.
July 20th, 2021  
@steveandkerry so pleased for you. He’s cute but no where nearly as exotic as his larval stage, is he?
July 20th, 2021  
Great detail.
July 20th, 2021  
My goodness - that is up close and personal!
July 20th, 2021  
A marvellous detailed macro shot!

July 20th, 2021  
Stunning macro.
July 20th, 2021  
Great capture
July 20th, 2021  
@markp @koalagardens @fishers @milaniet @gamelee @fbailey @fbailey @fishers @merrelyn @bkbinthecity
Thank you all.My exotic caterbug has become very popular. I confess I am fascinated by this weirdly beautiful caterpillar, the first one I have raised. It's still eating happily but will stop feeding when it's ready to pupate. And then, after a couple of weeks, I'll know whether it flies or not. Very mixed feelings about this.
July 20th, 2021  
@markp @koalagardens @milaniet @steveandkerry @gamelee @fbailey @fishers @merrelyn @bkbinthecity
Update. The caterpillar has now pupated. It created a delicate web cocoon which it decorated with the individual “hairs” of its lacy eyebrows. In a couple of weeks I should have the moth, boy or girl, flight or pregnancy and very short life?
July 24th, 2021  
@markp @koalagardens @milaniet @steveandkerry @gamelee @fbailey @fishers @merrelyn @bkbinthecity UPDATE. It's a girl, born on Yorkshire Day. Her life will be very brief but interesting from MY perspective and photos will be posted daily even though most of them have already been taken.
August 1st, 2021  
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