Ouse: 2.45pm  by jewelsandbinoculars

Ouse: 2.45pm

I don’t feel great today, and set out gingerly and late, at pretty much the last moment of opportunity.
There were intervals of bright sun earlier. Right now it’s watery and unconvincing, but it’s neither dark nor cold.
As I pass over the creek, blue tits dance just out of plain sight, hiding in the hedgerow before me.
The trees are noticeably barer than a week ago, or whenever it was I last saw them in daylight.
It’s quiet despite the daytime slot. I slip into the water - it feels tight round my chest. Exhale slowly, deliberately.
The outward swim is splashy and untidy, against both wind and current.
The way back is smooth, and I watch my arms pull through the hazy green.
I’m barely cold afterwards.
Dropping by to say Happy New Year and I discover you went and bloody swam in it. Hoping you’re still with us and not in bed with pneumonia....
January 3rd, 2019  
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