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January 2014 was my first attempt at the 365 Project and thoroughly I enjoyed it. My time then was split between South Derbyshire and the West Coast of Cumbria in the UK. I've worked all my life and never found the time to take up photography properly - just point and shoot - so it became my new hobby when we started spending time up in Cumbria in 2012 and I wasn't working full time any more. I hoped to learn lots from this 365 project and I enjoyed looking at what everyone found to take pics of. Lots of inspiration and ideas - and I've seen some stunning photographs. I really do appreciate all your comments and fav's, thank you all very much.

Update as of Dec 26th 2014 - getting towards the end of my first year and a lady posted a link that shows which of her pics has been on PP. I'm going to keep the link here just so I can keep a track - I'm quite stunned that I've had as many as I can see.


Update 07/01/2015 - the start of my second year. Am I really going to try and complete another year? My husband thinks I'm insane, but it's such a good community to be involved with that I want to keep going. Maybe in this second year I'll try to get involved with some of the other stuff that goes on with 365 like the themes and the Get Pushed - who knows? All very interesting and I'm learning all the time. Especially as I have a new camera and it feels like I'm starting from the beginning again.....

Update 10/03/2015 - well I'm back in South Derbyshire full time now so I wonder if I'll be able to find subjects and ideas for photographs that will be as interesting or as varied as my previous months. I'm already missing the skies, the water, the mountain and fells, the scenery. But I'm hoping to settle back down and have just one life instead of two at different ends of the country!