Just saying Hi by jnadonza

Just saying Hi

Woke up yesterday to find my next door winged neighbor knocking on my window.
Couple days ago, there was a lot of squawking by neighbor. More so than usual. I would learn she lost her sibling to some unfriendly pit bulls a couple days before. Guess sibling from accidentally fell from nest.Said a quick prayer.
Next day, after a nap and swim, I got a tapping on the window. Opened the blinds and there she was tapping on the window.
She let me take a few pics before she went rooftop. Later she nested. She’ll be strong enough to take off me thinks. Glad to have the visit.

Not one to take much symbolism but decided to look it up. “When the raven lands upon that bust on your door, it is important to focus on the change that comes in your life. ... The raven is also a symbol of the intermingling of the human and animal worlds. Its appearance means that you are on the verge of something primal, something pure that you have forgotten long ago.” #raven #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #spiritanimal #wingedneighbors
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